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Smyth, Ferro: Huntington to Overhaul Building Permits

By Niall Fitzgerald

The Town of Huntington is moving forward to overhaul its historically - and notoriously - slow and difficult building department, to move towards the ideal of "One Day Permitting."

Councilman Sal Ferro and Supervisor Ed Smyth have been meeting with neighboring towns and building department experts to dramatically change the way business is done at Town Hall.

The Town Board, at its May 10 meeting, approved the purchase of modern software for the issuance of building and other permits online. The software, called OpenGov, streamlines the filing, review and approval of building permits.

“We are in the process of consolidating and enhancing the various technologies the Town uses in an effort to lower costs, increase governmental efficiency, and improve customer service for residents and industry professionals doing business with the Town,” said Supervisor Ed Smyth. “I have seen the benefits of using this software after personally observing it in use and I am confident we can effectively modernize our Building Department with its support.”

“It has been a top priority of mine from day one to improve and modernize our Building Department to make it more user friendly," stated Councilman Sal Ferro. "The selection of OpenGov is a key step towards residents and builders being able to get their permits approved online, in paperless form, without ever needing to make a visit to Town Hall.”

OpenGov’s proposal was one of five submitted in response to a request for proposals by the April 22 deadline.

After a thorough review of the proposals by a committee of interested Directors and Deputies from various Town departments, OpenGov was voted the best proposal containing an appropriate balance of pricing, functionality, and IT services.

Smyth and Ferro also met with Town Supervisor Don Clavin and Building Department officials in the Town of Hempstead, which uses the OpenGov system, and experienced a first-hand working demonstration of the operation of the technology.


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