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Stephanie Bontempi Cleans-up for Earth Day

By Niall Fitzgerald

It was a very busy Earth Day this year for Legislator Stephanie Bontempi (R-Centerport) and a lot of environmentally-conscious residents. Bontempi led clean-ups in Huntington, Centerport and Northport, together with several dozen local residents and children. “Earth Day is a time to reflect on the importance and fragility of our environment, that’s a given,” said Bontempi. “However, it’s also a time for action and demonstrating how small acts can make a difference." As in previous years, many organizations and neighborhoods banded together to celebrate Earth Day through community service - primarily in the form of local clean-ups. Bontempi returned to the beaches and streets once again to do some sprucing up, and plant trees and bushes with volunteers. "By simply picking up plastic bags, broken bottles and other types of litter," added Bontempi, "we can protect wildlife and beautify our community.” Bontempi urged local residents interested in participating in future Earth Day events and other volunteer opportunities to check out the calendars of their local civic associations and the postings of community interest groups on social media.


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