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Street Re-Named for Bishop Norris Porter

By Nolan Cleary

Huntington has renamed a street after a beloved religious leader from the community.

The former Spring Road has been re-named as "Bishop Norris Porter Way."

Bishop Porter was known for his service to the Long Island community for more than half a century. The Christian Charities Deliverance Church, which he founded in 1974, helped residents of the community struggling with homelessness, unemployment, a lack of food and drug abuse.

Bishop Porter died last year, in 2022.

The street renaming happened at a ceremony honoring the late bishop.

The Rev. Bernadette Watkins reflected on her memories of Porter at the event. “I’d come down to the church sometime in the afternoon, and he would just be there praying."

"I think sometimes he slept there,” joked Watkins.

“It is a fitting tribute to rename Spring Road - the road leading to Christian Charities Deliverance Church - as Bishop Norris Porter Way," stated Huntington Councilman Sal Ferro, who sponsored the re-naming of the street, and represented the Town at the dedication.

"It is an acknowledgment of his dedication and service to the people and the community he loved and inspired,” concluded Ferro.


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