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Suffolk Designates "Hindu-American Appreciation Day"

By Chris O'Neill

The Suffolk Legislature approved a bill last week, designating October 18th as "Hindu–American Appreciation Day" in Suffolk County. The bill marks the first official designation on Long Island for the rapidly-growing Hindu community.

The bill was introduced by Suffolk Legislator Manuel Esteban (R-Commack), and passed the Legislature by a bi-partisan unanimous vote. The County Executive has indicated he will sign the bill this week.

“Our Indian community is one of the pillars of Suffolk County and I am proud to recognize them through this legislation,” stated Esteban. “From this October and into the future, we will have a special day that honors their culture and importance in our community.” There are between 5 and 6 million Indian Hindus in America, the fastest growing ethnic group in the country. The legislation was approved by the Legislature, with more than two dozen members of the Southeast Asian Community present for the vote. Many spoke and were voicing their appreciation of Esteban’s bill. “The amount of people from the Southeast Asian community who were present for the vote makes it clear how important it is that we recognize the diversity of this county,” said Esteban. “I thank my colleagues in the legislature for their support in accomplishing that goal.”


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