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The Bayville Bridge Reopens!

By Thomas Nothel

To the delight of local residents and businesses, the Bayville Bridge reopened on April 17, 2023. The current phase of repairs has now been completed.

The Bridge closed for the current phase of repairs on February 14, 2023. The Bridge was scheduled to reopen in 30 days. However, while doing the work, the contractors discovered previously unknown structural issues.

This caused the scheduled repair work to stop.

The newly-discovered structural issues required repairs, before work could recommence on the previously scheduled repairs. This caused the Nassau County Department of Public Works to set a new reopening date of "mid to late April."

And despite deep skepticism from most local residents, Nassau County and the contractors hit the target.

The total closure was only 61 days. And the Bridge reopened closer to mid April than to late April. The reaction from residents and businesses was relief and a satisfaction the the promised completion dates were met.

Although businesses lost sales during those 61 days - causing some to open for fewer hours each day to save money, which trickled down to their employers who often worked fewer hours - there is a general sigh of relief that Bayville and Centre Island will have normal access for the upcoming summer season.

Hopefully this leads a successful Spring and Summer season for all.


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