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The Disgraceful Trump Trial in Manhattan

Whether you like Trump or dislike Trump, you should support the "Rule of Law."  

But the trial being run by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is so preposterous that that it constitutes a federal crime - one that could see Bragg and his team arrested and jailed.

Even Democrats are recognizing that the "trial" of Trump - now the nominee for US President - is based on nonsense. Polls show Americans reject the legitimacy of Bragg's trial by 2 to 1 margins, and Democratic leaders like US Rep Ro Khanna (D-CA) now call Bragg's show a "distraction" and a "mistake.".

Why ?  Because there was no crime in Trump paying a woman for a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).  It's perfectly legal.  In fact NDA's are routine in employment, business ventures, tort lawsuits, and divorces.  Millions of NDA's are negotiated and signed every year.

Bragg makes the false claim that Trump committed a business records crime by paying his NDA out of "personal and business funds" - not "campaign funds."  But the Law is clear - as per the US Federal Elections Commission (FEC) - that an NDA for a "campaign worker" should be paid with campaign funds, but a "personal or business NDA" should not.  And the woman was never a part of Trump's campaign.

So Bragg has the Law exactly backwards.

On the other hand, it is a federal crime to use government funds or resources to influence a federal election. That is exactly what Bragg is doing.

By charging a non-crime to hobble and cripple a US Presidential candidate and a national campaign, Bragg himself is committing a federal felony.  

There should be legal consequences.


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