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The Leader Endorses Bruce Blakeman for Nassau County Executive

One-term Democrat Laura Curran is seeking re-election as Nassau County Executive. She hasn't earned it.

Curran botched Nassau's property tax reassessment, often imposing huge property tax increases - $20,000, $30,000, even $65,000 - on elderly retired couples. Curran's reassessment process was deeply flawed with repeated errors, self-confessed "computer glitches", incompetence, cronyism, unfairness and favoritism.

Worse, Curran tried to exploit the Covid pandemic for "social dumping" and to reward her political donors with taxpayer money.

Curren gave millions to her contributor favorites, to convert brand new hotels - like the Hampton Inn in Jericho - into the blight of homeless shelters. Thankfully, in Jericho, Oyster Bay's Joe Saladino - and the Courts - stopped Curran.

Bruce Blakeman is a Hempstead town councilman, and the former Leader of the Nassau Legislature.

Blakeman's plans for business revival; freezing and reducing taxes; preserving green spaces; supporting good policing; and safer streets are all the things that Nassau needs now.

The Leader strongly endorses Bruce Blakeman for Nassau County Executive.


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