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The Leader Endorses Meagan McCarty for Nassau Legislature

Voters in Glen Cove and Port Washington have a choice of two good candidates for Nassau Legislature. Notably, both candidates have run positive campaigns - about real ideas - free from personal attacks.

The incumbent Delia DeRiggi-Whitton, a former Republican turned Democrat, is seeking her sixth term - having been first elected in 2011. She has represented the area well, focusing on public safety and the environment.

Meagan McCarty of Port Washington, a Republican, brings a lot of fresh ideas.

McCarty wants the role of County Legislator to be more of a community and downtown business booster. She comes from a law enforcement family, but is supportive of reforms that assist in good policing. She is pro-environment and pro-business, and calls for "fresh eyes" to help our area.

The Leader endorses Meagan McCarty for Nassau Legislature.


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