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The Leader Endorses Paolo Pironi for Nassau Legislature

Many politicians are unprincipled and opportunistic, but Joshua Lafazan has taken it to a whole new extreme. Lafazan sold himself as a "kid politician" when he was first elected, but transformed into a chameleon who betrays everyone, and embraces extremism - first on the Left, and then on the Right.

Lafazan allied himself with BLM and the Communist Party in 2020, denouncing police and white residents as "systemic white racists."

Then in 2021, eager for police union campaign dollars, Lafazan flipped 180 degrees, and sponsored a Nazi-era law to allow police to sue or arrest anyone who "annoys" or "discriminates" against them.

Add to that Lafazan's "Power Broker" scheme to bulldoze 20 acres of the pristine Stillwell Woods Preserve and pave it over for a vanity ball park - just to get developers' dollars. Over 400 protesters - both Republican and Democrat - mobbed the Legislature this summer to denounce Lafazan's dirty tricks.

Paolo Pironi, age 34, is an Oyster Bay home builder and volunteer fireman. He grew up in Brookville and Oyster Bay, and just got married to his high school sweetheart. Pironi is a well-meaning decent man, and promises "normal" representation, and to protect our community.

The Leader strongly endorses Paolo Pironi for Nassau Legislature.


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