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The Leader Endorses Ragini Srivastava for North Hempstead Town Clerk

North Hempstead has the opportunity to show that "diversity" is not just a nonsense word used by Democrats to advance their own one-party political agenda.

Ragini Srivastava of Manhasset, the Republican, is a successful businesswoman, who immigrated as a young woman from India. She and her husband Ashish have lived the promise of all those who have immigrated to America and worked hard to raise their families.

Ragini's plans to modernize and make the Town Clerk's office more accessible and user-friendly to its residents would be a huge improvement.

The Democrats nominated Viviana Russell, an undistinguished 12-year incumbent on the North Hempstead Town Board. Russell represents more of the same - patronage abuse, unresponsiveness, lethargy, and lazy one-party government.

Last year, Ragini nearly won a race for NYS Assembly. She is endorsed by South Asian and immigrant groups from across Long Island.

The Leader endorses Ragini Srivastava for North Hempstead Clerk.


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