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The Leader Endorses Ray Tierney for Suffolk DA

Former Suffolk DA Tom Spota, a Democrat, ran the DA's office for 18 years like a crime gang: Beatings of prisoners; spiked investigations; perjury; deliberate indifference to gang murders; covering for dirty cops; lying to the FBI. Spota is now a convicted felon in federal prison.

Fellow Democrat Tim Sini - who worked with Spota - was elected promising to "clean-up" the DA's office. He is an improvement - anyone would have been. But there is still far too much wrong at the Suffolk DA's office.

Sini targets political opponents for trifles - like "resume fraud" - while his Democrat allies - implicated in drug dealing and deaths - are treated with kid gloves. Suffolk deserves much better.

Ray Tierney is a professional prosecutor. A veteran of the District Attorney's office, and the federal US Attorney's office, Tierney is a prosecutor's prosecutor.

Tierney promises to bring ethics and competence to a disgraced office, and he has the background and courage to do it..

The Leader endorses Ray Tierney for Suffolk DA.


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