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The Leader Endorses Stephanie Bontempi for Suffolk Legislature

Democrat Mark Cuthbertson, a 23-year incumbent on the Huntington Town Board, is facing Stephanie Bontempi, a Centerport educator, who holds two Master's degrees and teaches at the Greenvale School..

In a race that should have been about "ideas" regarding the direction of Suffolk County, Cuthbertson has done the inexplicable - made the race into a vile expression of his anti-woman sexism and misogyny - as he distorts Bontempi's features in his ads, mocks her as a "dumb blonde" and then attacks not her - but her husband - a local businessman.

Cuthbertson's strange nasty campaign has earned the rejection of most of the local media, and even brought former Town Clerk Joann Raia out of retirement to denounce his sexist tactics.

Count this newspaper among those who find Cuthbertson's tactics rude, sexist, misogynistic and offensive. Stephanie Bontempi is a capable, professional woman. The Leader endorses Stephanie Bontempi for Suffolk Legislature.


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