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The She-Man Woman Haters Club

A misogynistic, angry - and profoundly anti-woman - cult-like movement is sweeping America. The woke Trans-Gender movement. And it is getting direct support from President Joe Biden and the anti-American establishment in the media and much of the Democratic Party.

It is a movement that makes the Taliban look liberal and tolerant.

Transgenders - men who dress up and call themselves "women" - are now raiding women's sports, women's bathrooms, women's prisons, women's scholarships, and women's corporate boardroom seats - all filling positions that real women were holding or competing for.

It is now common for women and girls who speak-up against male transgenders raiding women's spaces to be physically attacked by radical transgender men - just like college swimmer Riley Gaines was assaulted last week - and denounced as "TERF's" ("Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists").

Budweiser beer trashed its brand last month by promoting a transgender man, Dylan Mulvaney, as its new "female" face of Bud Lite. Mulvaney, age 26, lived until last year as a man, but now claims to be a woman - while conveniently keeping all his/her male genital equipment.

Mulvaney's media persona is to mock and belittle women. Women being shallow, silly and stupid. And mimic women in sports as ridiculously jerky and uncoordinated. Mock posing in a woman's bra. Pure, nasty, low-grade Misogyny.

President Joe Biden gave Mulvaney an "exclusive interview" recently. And in a grotesque Title IX "Executive Order" last month, Biden ordered that all women's educational sports and public facilities in America must now include transgender men as women.

Women's sports are being raided by failed male athletes - eager to beat biologically smaller and weaker girls and women - and snag those cash awards and scholarships.

Compare the "Woke" reception given transgenders - men pretending to be women - putting-on "Girl-Face" - with the social outrage shown against white people who dress-up in "Black-Face." Interesting contrast isn't it ?

The transgender movement is the most thoroughly "anti-Woman" phenomenon to sweep the West since the Enlightenment.

America is a free country. If men want to dress-up as women - like Congressman George Santos once dressed in Drag - then let them do it. But don't attack women's and girl's safe spaces, civil rights and dignity, by taking away the rights of real women and girls.


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