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Thieves Steal 4 Ferraris in Brazen Nightime Raid

By Nolan Cleary

Nassau County Police are are investigating the burglary of four luxury Ferrari sports cars valued at over $1 million, from a Long Island car dealership. The robbery happened at Ferrari of Long Island Service Center at 4 AM on Saturday, February 25th.

According to police, three individuals broke into the center at 4 AM, and stole the vehicles by breaking into the key box and grabbing the keys for four Ferraris in the repair bay.

The thieves also stole numerous key fobs and other merchandise.

The cars stolen include a gray 2014 convertible, a blue 2016 convertible, a white 2018 Coupe, and a white 2023 Coupe. Police did not identify the exact models due to the police investigation.

Security camera footage was able to capture the movements and images of the thieves who were involved in the robbery of the vehicles.

Camera footage revealed that was not a fourth individual involved, leaving the question of how three robbers were able to steal and drive away four Ferraris.

Police have yet to make any arrests in the case and are asking anyone with information on the robbery to come forward.


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