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Three Asian-Americans Running for NYS Assembly

By Rupert Deedes

An unprecedented three Asian-American candidates - Aamir Sultan, Ruka Anzai and Vibhuti Jha - all Republicans - are running this year for New York State Assembly on the north shore.

“The Republican Party is welcoming to our Asian communities," said Tom McNally, the Huntington Republican Chairman. “We are excited to see all these great Asian-American candidates - all Republicans - running for state Assembly here on the north shore. They are a big part of what makes America great."

In Huntington, Aamir Sultan is running in the new Assembly District 10, that includes parts of Huntington and Oyster Bay. Sultan is a technology executive who lives with his family in Huntington

“I am making history as the first South Asian to run for office in Suffolk County," said Sultan, who is running against incumbent Democrat Assemblyman Steve Stern. "I will work tirelessly to overturn the no-bail laws and FULLY FUND police to protect our neighborhoods."

"As the father of a 4-year-old son," added Sultan, "I know there is nothing more important than the education of our children. That’s why I will lead the charge for parent rights in education, curriculum transparency, and increased state funding for local schools."

In the neighboring 13th district, that runs from Roslyn, through Glen Cove, to Bethpage, the Republican nominee is Ruka Anzai, an IT executive and mother of a school age child. The first Japanese-American candidate run by any party on Long Island, Anzai is running a spirited campaign against incumbent Democrat Charles Lavine.

“The Governor thinks she should control everybody’s medical choices. And she also thinks it is a good idea to wipe out single-family-home zoning – the very core of the American dream for millions of us.“ said Anzai. "We need common sense in our government, and right now we are not receiving that."

Dr. Vibhuti Jha is the Republican running for Assembly in the 16th district - which includes Port Washington, Manhasset and Great Neck. He is a venture capital executive, and owns a business focusing on meditation and relaxation techniques. Jha runs a regular televised blog focusing on US and India politics and business.

"I have traveled on a truly diverse career path - from managing compliance and control functions, on the one hand, to managing business development and establishing strategic initiatives," stated Jha. "It does not matter what you think within , it is what you do that makes you what you are."

All three candidates will appear on the ballot this Election Day.


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