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Three Shot at Mansion Melee in Glen Cove

By Maureen Daly

A wild "rap" party - thrown by a notorious Queens "Gentlemen's Club" - at the Mansion, the former Pratt estate in Glen Cove, turned into a free-fire zone on Sunday night. Gunfire erupted in the lobby and lawn of the supposedly-upscale hotel facility.

Glen Cove Mayor Pam Panzenbeck expressed outrage that the Mansion - now a hotel and catering facility - would be running open "rap" fundraisers for porn clubs.

The Mansion advertises itself as a family and children friendly venue, hosting weddings, children's birthdays and graduation events.

“We go to high school reunions, weddings and fundraisers and all kinds of things here,” said Panzenbeck. "These were not Glen Cove people that were here today, so we have to look into how they got here and how this happened... There will be no permits issued for anything like this in the future, I promise.”

According to Glen Cove Police spokesman Detective John Nagle, the firefight started shortly after 5PM with an altercation between two men at the "Big Fendi Celebrity Pool Party" event that was advertised on the internet.

Big Fendi is the stage name for a "rapper" who allegedly managed the musician Nikki Minaj, and formerly owned "Dirty Money Records."

The Instagram account that publicized the party called it "NYC's only premium open format music pool party with Botle, Food and Hookah Service, with RSVP's a MUST." A member of the security team at the Mansion was escorting out one unruly participant, when the man pulled out a gun and started shooting. The shots were fired in the lobby of the Mansion, right near the main entrance to the building.

Three people were shot. One a security guard, and the two others were attendees at the "Big Fendi" event. The three people were all taken to Glen Cove Hospital, where they were treated for non-life-threatening gunshot injuries.

Hundreds of party and hotel guests at the Mansion then scattered screaming across the lawns of the Mansion, and over the stone walls along Dosoris Lane to escape the gunfire. Some even ran onto the grounds of the GlenGariff nursing facility across the road from the Mansion.

Police sealed-off and evacuated the hotel and catering areas of the Mansion, for most of Sunday night, while launching a manhunt for the gunman.

As of Tuesday morning, the gunman had not yet been arrested.


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