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TOB Tax Receiver Jeff Pravato Escapes Violent NYC Mob

By Chris O'Neill

Jeff Pravato, the Town of Oyster Bay Tax Receiver barely escaped with his life from a violent assault by an Islamist mob last week in New York City. Pravato, his wife, and their two children, ages 13 and 15, were driving into Manhattan when they encountered the mob protesting and blocking the street.

The mob was supporting the Islamist terror group Hamas and against Israel, when they surrounded Pravato's car. When the mob demanded that Pravato denounce Israel, Pravato, who is Jewish, told them instead he supports Israel. That's when the mob got even more angry and violent.

"They started hitting and kicking the car and jumping on the car...," said Pravato. "They were causing real damage."

Then the mob threw blood all over Pravato's wife who was in the front seat. "There is blood on me." she screamed.

The mob blocked the car and were pounding on the windows and hood. At that point, the police, who had been monitoring the assault came to assist Pravato. The mob just mocked the NYPD and Pravato, chanting "No one gonna arrest us..."

Pravato finally got free and drove his family downtown to escape.

"The politicians in New York City are handcuffing the police,": added Pravato. "Its like they are not even there."

"My daughter was crying when we got home," said Pravato, and his entire family was shaken and traumatized by the assault. No one was arrested by the police.

Pravato was elected Town of Oyster Bay's Tax Receiver in 2019. He previously served as Mayor of Massapequa Park. He is active in the Lions Club, the Sons of Italy and the Midway Jewish Center.


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