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Trump Supporters Protest Kathy Griffin at the Paramount

By Ishan Shah


Last Sunday night, the Paramount Theater in Huntington drew noisy street protests from MAGA supporters of Donald Trump, for hosting comedian Kathy Griffin, who was appearing as part of her ‘My Life on the PTSD List’ tour.

Griffin drew widespread criticism in 2017 for holding up a severed model of Trump’s head, dripping with fake blood.

Griffin had commented that this was meant for a political satire, not a threat. But many saw her comedy as threatening, and in very bad taste – holding the severed head of the then-US President dripping in blood.

Griffin was interviewed by the FBI, and her media career took a massive hit. CNN canceled her shows, and 25 theaters canceled appearances of her comedy acts.

"I wasn't canceled," noted Griffin. "I was erased."

On Sunday night, a convoy of over 17 vehicles equipped with Trump flags or American flags, along with flags that discredited President Joe Biden as well as Griffin, came to Huntington from Farmingdale.

The convoy was blasting loud music, and honking their horns, with some drivers yelling hate slurs towards President Joe Biden.

Others directed their anger towards the comedian, Kathy Griffen.

Griffin acknowledged the protest earlier in the day, adding an image of the poster about the protest to her Instagram account.

“This is the protest that is planned for my show tonight in Huntington, Long Island,” stated Griffin. “I am anxious to see what this group of losers has in mind.”


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