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Vandalism, Burglary Crime Wave Hits Syosset

by Niall Fitzgerald

Juvenile delinquents escaping from the unguarded Mercy First Detention Facility in Syosset have repeatedly hit downtown Syosset over the past two weeks, with over a dozen stores burglarized and vandalized, multiple mass police actions, and five juvenile perpetrators arrested by the Second Precinct of the Nassau County Police.

"These criminal kids from MercyFirst are turning downtown Syosset into a crime scene," stated one local business owner. "It has to stop."

MercyFirst has a housing facility and contracts with the state government to house juvenile criminal delinquents referred by the Family Court, and alien migrant children flown and bused-in by the Biden administration. According to police, there have been 210 illegal alien children housed at the MercyFirst Facility.

On the night of June 7th, about a dozen juveniles escaped from the facility and went on a rampage in Syosset. MercyFirst does not have gates or fences, and works on the "honor system." When the group of juveniles left the site, no one on staff was aware they were missing.

The group then walked the half mile to downtown Syosset and began smashing windows and breaking into closed stores. Some stole merchandise and hit locked cash registers. Stores vandalized include Bagel Master, Cardinali Bakery, Arate Sushi, Village Pharmacy, Syosset Wine Celler, Aboff's Paint, and La Bottega. The group did tens of thousands in damage, and stole thousands in merchandise, according to police.

Arrested were five juveniles, aged 16, 15 and 14, with charges ranging from Felony Criminal Mischief to Burglary.

"Back then [in the 50's and 60's] it was something positive. It was the Sisters of Mercy and they took in orphans who needed a place to live," posted Syosset resident Alan Goldstein on social media. "Mostly really good kids that were just unfortunate. Sometimes after snowstorms some would come around offering to shovel for a nominal fee.

"Then these government programs showed MercyFirst a way to make money by housing difficult teens including some delinquents," added Goldstein. "MercyFirst has not been a good neighbor to the residents of Syosset the last 8 years, and unfortunately I don't believe a thing they say regarding this latest incident. We shall see...."

The juveniles hit again on Tuesday, June 14th, when a large group "break-out" from MercyFirst again swarmed downtown Syosset. This time, police were alerted, and over 20 Nassau police cars converged on Syosset before trouble started. The juveniles were detained by police and driven back to the facility.

MercyFirst has now promised to end their housing of criminal juveniles, and to reimburse local stores for the cost of repairs and stolen merchandise.


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