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Vicki Wash, Steve Labriola, and Laura Maier for Oyster Bay Town Board

All the good things that Supervisor Joe Saladino has accomplished - he didn't do alone. He has a great team of Town Board members who have backed him up to make the difficult calls and implement real reforms.

The tough budget calls, the infrastructure improvements, the saying "No" to developers who would pave over our neighborhoods with big apartment complexes; and a firm "Zero Tolerence" policy towards municipal corruption - all are grounded in solid principles and real teamwork.

Vicki Walsh of East Norwich has distinguished herself by fighting to preserve our north shore green spaces, woods, and park lands. She was out front to stop Gov. Kathy Hochul's "mass housing" plans. She is our north shore champion.

Steve Labriola has been a leader in homeowner-friendly environmental protections, and upgrading our town parks with kid-friendly safe equipment.

Laura Maier is a businesswoman, who worked to help local businesses through the pandemic, with government grants, expedited permits and inspections, and real help in navigating the NY state maze of contradictory rules.

But all three work together - with the Supervisor and the rest of the Town Board - as one team. The reason that Oyster Bay is

the "best run Town on Long Island" is that, unlike some nearby towns, there is no backstabbing, and there is a spirit of open communications and teamwork - putting the taxpayers first.

The Leader endorses Vicki Walsh, Steve Labriola, and Laura Maier for Oyster Bay Town Board.


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