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Violent Manhasset Carjacker Arraigned in Court

By Krishang Gupta


 A brazen carjacking in Manhasset earlier this year has resulted in an arrest of a serial violent carjacker, with two of the carjackers still at large.


Arraigned in Court last week was Brian Perales, age 22, from Brooklyn. He is accused of stealing the car from the owner in the parking lot at 981 Northern Blvd.


The victim, a 48-year-old woman, was approached by two men, who pulled her out of the car, threw her on the ground, and stole her car keys while holding her at gunpoint. One of the robbers drove the stolen car, while the other was driven away by a third accomplice in an Acura Sedan. 


Nassau police state that the incident occurred on February 7th, at 5:25 P.M.


Perales was arrested in Queens by the NYPD's Community Response Team, which deploys drones and uses highway cameras to zoom in on a fleeing criminals. Perales had a gun in his backpack when arrested, and is suspected of a series of carjackings.


Perales was charged in Nassau with first-degree robbery, and pleaded not guilty at his recent arraignment in Hempstead’s First District Court.


Bail was set at $250,000 cash, $500,000 bond, or $1.25 million partially secured bond. The other two robbers are yet to be arrested.



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