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Woman Beaten, Robbed at Roslyn Gas Station - in Broad Daylight

By Michael O'Reilly

A woman getting gas at a local Roslyn gas station was brutally beaten and robbed, after simply asking the driver in front of her to "please move-up."

The woman stopped for gas at the East Hills Mobil gas station at the corner of Glen Cove Road and Northern Boulevard.

According to Nassau Police, the 36-year-old female victim stopped for gas at the Mobil service station on Glen Cove Road. Pulling in ahead of her was a U-Haul vehicle that was just blocking the second gas pump where the victim was trying to get gas.

The victim asked the woman passenger in the U-Haul if they could "please move-up a few feet" so that she could reach the pumps.

The woman from the U-Haul then attacked the female victim, throwing her to the ground.

The two male occupants of the U-Haul truck immediately jumped out to assist in the assault and robbery.

One of the male assailants kicked and punched the victim multiple times. The other suspect was evidently so entertained by this cowardly beating that he videoed the entire atrocity with his cell phone, while the female assailant ripped off a necklace from the victim’s neck.

The entire incident was captured by the gas station's surveillance cameras.

The three attackers then jumped back into their U-Haul truck and sped away westbound on the Long Island Expressway South Service Road. The victim suffered cuts and bruises and after police and an ambulance arrived, declined medical attention.


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