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Woman Robbed at Knifepoint in Huntington

By Nolan Cleary

A Huntington woman was robbed at knife point by a 19 year old man, who is now under arrest.

The man has been identified as Jeffrey Germain. He is accused of robbing the 42 year old woman, while threatening to kill her with a knife, unless she gave him her wallet and mobile phone, according to Suffolk County police.

The armed robbery occurred near First Avenue and East 10th Street in Huntington on Sunday, May 23rd. The robbery was thwarted by police, who saw the scene and swept in to save the woman.

Police caught Germain nearby. After his arrest, Germain spent the night at at the Second Precinct lock-up. The woman remained uninjured.

Germain has been accused of first degree robbery and use of a dangerous instrument. Germain had his first day in court on Monday, May 25. The case is currently ongoing.


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