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There will be School Board elections across the north shore on May 21st. After all the trauma of the Covid shutdowns - remote video schooling; the forced masking of children for two years (long after it was clear that it harmed children and did nothing to affect the spread of Covid); canceled graduations; stunted child development, etc - the importance of having serious , educated people on school boards became clear.

Some local school board members - like Margaret Marchand in Locust Valley - fought like tigers to protect our schools and children.  But too many others were happy to "go along and get along" no matter the harm to our schools and children.

So educate yourself - and please vote. The Leader endorses the following outstanding candidates:

Locust Valley School District (2 seats)

Nick DellaFera and George Vasiliou are outstanding members of the school board.  They are competent, caring managers and educators.

The Leader endorses Nick DellaFera and George Vasiliou for Locust Valley School Board.

Cold Spring Harbor School District (2 seats)

Heather Young and Mark Attalienti are pro-parent and pro-education quality leaders. They will continue to make Cold Spring Harbor one of the best districts on Long Island

The Leader endorses Heather Young and Mark Attalienti for Cold Spring Harbor School Board

Port Washington School District (3 seats)

With seven candidates running, the Leader endorses two (2):

Teodora Choolfian and Mike Bitalvo would be strong and principled additions to the School Bard.

The Leader endorses Teodora Choolfian and Mike Bitalvo for Port Washington School Board.

East Meadow School District (2 seats)

After years of left-wing politics and corruption in the school board, two local newcomers promise to take the politics out of the schools and get back to solid education:

The Leader endorses Marie Talluto and Nikole DeLuca for East Meadow School Board.

Jericho School District (2 seats)

Jeniffer Vartanov and Sam Perlman have been leaders in bringing excellence to the Jericho schools.

The Leader endorses Jennifer Vartanov and Sam Perlman for Jericho School Board

Elwood School District

Walter Edwards is a true community leader, who always has time for a pleasant word and a thoughtful proposal to improve things. The Leader endorses Walter Edwards for Elwood School Board.

Levittown Library Board (1 seat)

Board member Steve Dalton is a refreshingly educated, thoughtful and intellectual member of the Library Board. The Leader endorses Steve Dalton for re-election to Levittown Library Board.


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