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Minicozzi Wins Bayville Mayor Election

by Maureen Daly

Steve Minicozzi won the contested June 21st election for Mayor of Bayville, defeating his rival John Taylor by a vote of 1,086 to 441. Minicozzi previously served as a Village Trustee.

In the contested Village Trustee elections, Minicozzi's running-mates: the outgoing Mayor Bob DeNatate, Aimee DiBartolomeo, and Ann Walsh-Bleistein also won by similar margins.

The ballot Proposition was also approved by the voters, by a vote of 788 to 181.

The vote results follow:


Minicozzi 1,086

Taylor 441


DeNatale 971

DiBartolomeo 857

Walsh-Bleistein 879

Mager 444

Pflaumer 510

Gambarelli 455


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